Secondary Trading For Farmland Investments On Fquare

NEW YORK — July 24, 13 — We are pleased to announce that secondary trading on Fquare will be allowed and is on our product roadmap for this year, 2013.

Today, Fquare quotes each unit at the market value of an acre of land. As the market value of land increases, the units reflect these price movements. The Fquare secondary market will allow investors to sell units to any Fquare member via secondary trading.

Fquare will not charge any commission for these trades. Trading will be completely free!

SEC Rule 144 will apply.

The SEC allows investors to sell restricted stock only 6 months after the initial investment is made.

What this means for our members and investors. Fquare will not allow secondary trades to occur only after the first 6 months of the initial investment date has expired.

Never in history has individual investors been able to buy units backed by active grain farms with the power to sell their units via secondary trading online. We are opening up a new path for individual investors to invest in farmland. Thank you for your support in making it all possible!

The Fquare Team

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