Crowd Defined Maturity Funds

A series of agricultural funds, each with a defined maturity date set annually by the crowd.

Key features

Expense Ratio Per FundMinimum Investment Per Fund

Key Points

  • Provide professional management and ongoing surveillance of farmland holdings
  • Offer diversification at a relatively low minimum investment
  • At fund’s maturity date, investor receives net asset value (NAV)
  • Benefit from professionally negotiated farmland prices
  • Fquare share repurchase program maximizes fund’s potential payout at maturity for existing shareholders
  • Free membership
  • Track individual fund performance
  • Annual fund performance, harvest and revenue reporting (including copies of rent checks from producers), and independent farmland appraisals
  • Each Fquare fund possesses copies of county records for land ownership which can be independently verified
  • Investors are provided with annual electronic copies of expense checks (ex. annual land taxes and insurance payments)
  • Fquare Funds are independently audited annually

Potential Uses

Diversification: An investor may structure a diversified investment portfolio by purchasing 2 or more funds

Liquidity Options

  • Up to 3.5% annual buyback of outstanding shares, increasing earnings per share for existing shareholders while reducing outstanding shares
  • Receive unsolicited buyout offers from existing shareholders
  • Use the Fquare Secondary Market to sell shares to existing shareholders (Comm. free)

May be suitable for investors who

Prefer the ease of investing in funds vs. direct ownership of farmland properties