About us

Fquare is a unique web-based platform which allows retail investors to purchase crowd defined maturity funds holding interest in farmland. The web-based platform allows members to screen agricultural fund opportunities, sign legal documents, and invest. The result – investors get unprecedented access to the agricultural investment opportunities they want and the ability to build a diversified portfolio.  Members have access to funds holding interest in farmland introduced to our funds via farming CO-OPS; referrals; and partners. We enable investment with dramatically smaller check sizes (typically 10-20x smaller), allowing you to make a broader range of investments to diversify your holdings.

Management Team

Charles Polanco
Founder and CEO

New York-born Charles Polanco, a former stockbroker, is the founder of Fquare. Since 2012, he has been responsible for guiding the vision and strategy for Fquare funds.  As the driving force behind the look and feel of the Fquare investment platform, Charles also provides leadership and guidance to the Fquare software team.

Acknowledged as one of the guiding forces behind equity crowdfunding for agricultural investments, Fquare has been featured on NPR, Forbes, BBC, Worth August/ September 2013 print issue, Agriculture, and other popular news organizations.

William R. Drevant

Illinois-born William R. Drevant is the president of Fquare. Since 2012, he has been responsible for working with business partners to find the best agricultural investments that fit the objectives of Fquare funds.

Mr. Drevant was the former former Vice Chairman of The Association of Thrift Holding Financial Institutions  (A  National Trade Association of Stock Thrift Financial Institutions).

Mr. Drevant was a member of The Illinois Agricultural Export Board (Appointed by the Gov.) and a Advisor to MIATO (MidAmerica Agri Trade Council.

Recognized by the Governor of Chicago, Mr. Drevant was appointed to serve at the Illinois Savings and Financial Institution advisory board.

Mr. Drevant received his BA in business administration (Int’l Trade), University of The Americas, Mexico City. Graduate Bank Marketing School, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Michael D. Duffy, Ph.D.

Dr. Duffy received his Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Penn State in 1981. He received a B.S. in Natural Resources from University of Nebraska in 1975 and a M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Nebraska in 1977. He joined the ISU staff as an Extension area farm management specialist in 1984 and moved to his present position on campus in 1985. Prior to joining Iowa State he worked as an economic researcher for the USDA in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Duffy works as an Extension Economist in farm management at Iowa State University. He is the Director of Graduate Education in Sustainable Agriculture.

Dr. Duffy is currently responsible for the annual land value survey, cost of crop production estimates, Iowa farm costs and returns publication, and he is state leader for the Extension Farm Financial Planning Program. His research activities include determinants of farm profitability, small farms, soil conservation, integrated pest management, and sustainable agriculture.

Dr. Duffy is a member of the American Agricultural Economics Association and Soil and Water Conservation Society. In 1983 he received the USDA Administrators Special Merit Award for outstanding research. He has received numerous Extension awards including the College of Agriculture Excellence in Extension and Research Award and Outstanding Achievement in Extension. Dr. Duffy received the Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award from the Practical Farmers of Iowa in 1996. In 2009, Dr. Duffy was named one of the top 25 Iowans of influence by Iowa Farmer Today.

Dr. Duffy Awards

    2013 Dean's Citation for Extraordinary Contributions, Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    2013 Distinguished Service to Agriculture award from the American Agricultural Editors Association
    2012 Carl F. Hertz, Distinguished Service to Agriculture, American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers
    2004 College of Agriculture Outstanding Achievement in Extension
    2002 Achievement by An Educational Team, Farm Bill Education Team, ISU Extension
    1999 Achievement Award, Manure Nutrient Management, ISU Extension
    1998 Outstanding Achievement in Public Issue Education, Farm Foundation
    1997 Achievement Award, ISU Extension
    1996 Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award, Practical Farmers of Iowa
    1993 Epsilon Sigma Phi, Team Award, Iowa State University
    1991 College Outstanding Applied Research/Extension Award, Iowa State University
    1991 Environmental Achievement Award, National Environmental Awards Council
    1990 Epsilon Sigma Phi Certificate of Meritorious Service, Iowa State University
    1984 Administrator's Special Merit Award of Outstanding Research, USDA